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Jeans/Denim Alterations:

Regular Topstitched Hem $15 Pair

Remove hem +$3

Original Hem $30 Pair

Freyed Hem $25 Pair

Replace Zipper (front fly) includes cost of zipper. $35

Repair Zipper (when possible if the puller slips off/replace stopper) $8-$14

Waistband In (seam at back waistband, solves gaps in back of waist.)  $25-$35

Replace Button (Metal shank denim button, remove old/patch and replace button)  $12

Patch Holes : up to 3" hole, patch style your preference. Stretch denim underneith $14

add $4 for each additional inch/per hole

Skirts/Pants Alterations:

Topstitch Pant Hem $15 pair

Blind Hem - handstitched and secure, wont come out.

$25 pair

add $12 for lining

Waist In/Out - Elastic $18

Waist In/Out - Fixed waistband $25

Sideseams In/Out - with Zipper $25

Sideseams In/Out - Plain $16

Add Waist Darts - Simple $12

Add Waist Darts - Fixed waistband $18

Skirt Hem - Ranges:

simple topstitch up to 48" opening - $24

120" opening $65

130"+ opening $80+

Shirts/Tops Alterations:

Shorten Sleeve - Plain Topstitch  $14

Shorten Sleeve - Move Plackett/Cuff  $28

Add Darts  $12

Deepen/Lessen Exsisting Darts  $10

Sides In/Out - Taper Bodice / Simple  $16

Sides In/Out -Taper Bodice /Complex $24

Hem - Straight/Plain  $18

Hem - Curved  $24

Hem - Vented  $28

T-Shirts (Hem /Shorten Sleeves /Sides In) $30 or $10 each individually

Repair holes - up to 1.5" $6 each hole

Dresses Alterations:

Raise Shoulder - sleeveless  $22

Raise Shoulders - Reset Sleeves  $45

Taper Sleeves  $16 - $24

Sides In/Out - simple $24

Sides In/Out - thru waistseam  $36

add $8 thru armhole

Taper Skirt Sides In - $24

Dress Hem - Ranges:

simple topstitch up to 48" opening - $24 120" opening $65

(I'm sorry I cant do an estimated before seeing.

Add Darts  $12

add $6 thru waist

Repair holes - up to 1.5"  $6 each hole

Outerwear/Coat Alterations:

Replace Zipper - fleece $25 plus cost of zipper

Replace Zipper - ski / winter coat  $45-$55  plus cost of zipper

Replace Zipper - down filled / long $75  plus cost of zipper

Shorten Sleeve - Cuffed/Buckle detail $55

Patch Hole - needs matching fabric from coat. 1"-2" $15

 3"-4" $25 

Replace Lining - Non Athletic $100

add $25 for inside pockets. includes the cost of lining.

Replace Lining - Leather  $150

add $25 for inside pockets. includes the cost of lining.

Things to know: No alterations may be made to Rain coats or any coat with a glued/waterproof seam.

Mens Tailored Suit Jackets:

Shorten Vented Sleeve $35

add $7 to Remove button holes

Lengthen Vented Sleeve - Add Facing

add $12

Sides In/Out (back) $22

add $8/jkt for vented back seams

Center Seam In/Out (back)  $15

Raise Collar (back neck)  $18

Mens Tailored Suit Pants:

Blind Hem - handstitched and secure, wont come out.  $25 pair

Lengthen Hem- Add Facing +$12

Cuffed Hem  $25 pair

Waist In/Out - Split waistband  $18

Waist In/Out - Remove waistband  $25

Seat (only)  $12

Thigh (only)  $16

Deepen Crotch (only)  $12

Waist/Seat/Thigh (together)  $45

Taper Full Leg to Hem  $22

Add Crotch Liners  $18 pair

Repair holes - up to 1.5" $6 each hole

Mending Prices:

all mending and repair work done by hand and securely. From moth holes, to snags in sweaters, to holes in beloved articles of cloth, mending is always affordable.

Final cost will be given at time of fitting, $4-$25+ depends on repair. 

Hourly Sewing Rate - Custom interiors, curtains, cushion covers, slipcovers, outdoor living spaces, etc  $35/hour

Cushions : If you need to have a cushion made, There's a few things for you to consider before we meet: Do you want to be able to remove them to wash them? Do you already have the fabric? Do you already have the foam? Do you have a pre-exsisting cushion or cover to work with or does a pattern need to be made?$25 hour estimates given after seeing full project. Please have the dimensions/pictures to me prior to the consultation

Things to know: Client is responsible to supply fabric for all Custom Orders. All fabrics must be pre-washed as care instructions state (TIP: be sure to snap a picture of the care instructions/content on the end of the bolt of fabric when you purchase it at the store. It's the last time you'll see it!), prior to handing off to me.

I can give you the necessary fabric yardage needed to complete project if you aren't sure, just ask!

Any specific notions needed due to the design of custom project will be included in the final bill, this is not part of the labor estimates for sewing listed in this price list.